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4R Solution Crop Series: Maize

The 4R Solution Project will contribute to improved farm profitability of 30,000 smallholder farmers and their families, including 15,115 women and 14,885 men, in four districts in the Northern region/Eastern corridor of Ghana. This region is known as the rural Savannah zone and most of the population are farmers. The project is working with local partners SEND Ghana and the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI). SEND Ghana is playing the key role of mobilizing smallholder farmers into co-operatives and linking them to value chains. They are also responsible to mainstream gender component throughout the project. SARI is providing technical directions on 4R principles, setting up demonstration plots, training of extension agents etc. with guidance from African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI).

Through the project, smallholder farmers will work with co-operatives to grow more nutritious and marketable crops. The project is working with 130 co-operatives across 130 communities in implementation districts. The project also expects to reach 30,454 indirect beneficiaries including neighbouring farmers who share a boundary with direct beneficiary communities.


4R SOlution Reach in Ghana over 5 Years

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The project will also benefit a number of intermediaries, including government agencies, research institutions, financial institutions, input suppliers, other value chain actors and local and international NGOs, who will be benefiting from the project while contributing towards the achievement of project’s ultimate outcome.

Working in collaboration with the regional Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), the project will be implemented in four districts: Kpandai, East Gonja, Nanumba South and Nanumba North.

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These districts were chosen after careful analysis of baseline principles for a number of reasons:

  • Demonstrated capacity to produce variety of crops including legumes (soybean, cow pea, groundnuts), cereals (maize, sorghum, millet), roots and tuber (yam, cassava) etc. due to its climatic conditions.
  • 4R Solution can capitalize on the results achieved on other projects e.g. stakeholder relationship, co-operatives, infrastructure
  • All 4 districts are clustered on one zone; this will allow effective and efficient mobilization, value chain development, monitoring and supervision of project intervention
  • It is worth noting that almost all the crops grown in these districts are part of the crops strategically selected to be promoted under the Ghana government’s coordinated program of economic and social development policies 2017-2024

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