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4R Solution Project – Looking back at Year 1

The past year has been very busy for 4R Solution project and its implementing partners. While Fertilizer Canada was busy engaging with key stakeholders in Canada, Ghana, Ethiopia and other international partners, setting up groundwork for project communication; CDF Canada and African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI) were working to establish necessary infrastructure, conducting baseline studies, site selection etc.

On April 16 -17, 2020 our Ghana office hosted a two-day virtual workshop with implementing partners presenting their progress to date and a draft strategy for Year 2. The draft strategies were then reviewed among break out groups to provide feedback. The feedback will then be compiled and taken into consideration to make year 2 strategies more robust and effective.

Some highlights of Year 1:

  • Baseline survey, Gender Equality strategy, Governance strategy and Environmental sustainability strategy developed
  • Several MoUs signed with key stakeholder such as district assemblies, research institute and Agriculture departments
  • Identification of 4R learning sites and sites for Non Omission Trials in over 50 communities
  • Training of the Trainers on VSLA model
  • More than 150 communities sensitized on 4R Solution Project, Gender Model Family, and VSLA
  • 4R Solution Website, social media and Infographic launched
  • Reached the industry contribution target of $2 million

As we made significant progress in Year 1, we also learnt about some of the existing gaps from number of focus group discussions. One of those gaps highlighted the huge disconnect between previous trainings received and adoption of those techniques among farmers.  This provides 4R Solution project an opportunity to develop approaches that can enhance adoption of best fertilizer management practices by incorporating 4Rs (Right source @ Right rate, Right time and Right place ®) into smallholder farmers’ farming practices.

Given the global COVID-19 situation, we are still hopeful and excited to be able to implement some of our key activities in Year 2; while maintaining all local, regional and national guidelines on COVID-19.

The presentation deck for ‘year in review’ and Year 2 draft Strategies can be downloaded below:


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