Fertilizer Canada's Leadership in Sustainable Farming Practices in the Developing World - 4R Solution


Fertilizer Canada’s Leadership in Sustainable Farming Practices in the Developing World

The 4R Solution Project, a Canadian innovation based on 4R Nutrient Stewardship intends to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability for more than 80,000 smallholder farmers (50% are women) in developing countries including Ethiopia, Ghana, and Senegal.

Following Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent tour of Ethiopia and Senegal, during which he drummed up support for Canada’s seat on the UN Security Council, it is evident that the Liberal agenda is shifting its diplomatic focus to international aid and development and as a result, Fertilizer Canada is very well placed to work with governments, agricultural input companies, research institutions, and smallholder farmers organized in co-operatives to make this project a success.

In a step forward with the 4R Solution Project, Fertilizer Canada staff along with Tip O’Neill of IRM, Rosemary O’Brien of CF Industries and Candace Laing of Nutrien, discussed global sustainability and the 4R Solution project with Canada’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Louise Blais, on February 5th in New York. The meeting was set up during the International Fertilizer Association Global Stewardship Conference.

Ambassador Blais expressed that 4R Solution, funded by the Canadian government and fertilizer companies, demonstrates the types of private-public partnerships that Canada needs to promote at the United Nations. Consequently, she has committed to inform Prime Minister Trudeau about 4R Solution.


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