4R Solution - Global Sustainability

Durabilité globale

Nourrir la population croissante du monde de manière durable, équilibrée entre les sexes et économiquement prospère.

Benefits of 4R Solution

A Truly Global Impact

The initiative’s aim is to show how adopting more sustainable farming practices can increase resilience, incomes, and food security, and reduce poverty for men, women and children.


Helping smallholder farmers grow more nutritious and marketable crops, increase revenues, productivity and profit margins.


Reflecting a commitment to improve food security, promote climate smart agriculture and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Promoting the empowerment of women farmers, with special emphasis on improving access to financial resources and agriculture technologies.

Africa’s smallholders are more than capable of feeding the continent — so long as they boost their yields by using the latest agronomic practices in combination with appropriately adapted seeds and fertilizer.

Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

What is the 4R Solution?

A Scientific Approach

The 4R Solution is a Canadian program that will improve agricultural productivity and sustainability for more than 80,000 smallholder farmers (50% women) in developing countries including Ethiopia, Ghana, and Senegal.

The Challenge

The challenge is threefold: the limited quality of production, resulting from depleted soils, unsustainable agricultural practices; poor post-harvest handling and; limited access to markets.

The Solution

Following 4R Nutrient Stewardship, a science-based fertilizer management program supported by Canada’s fertilizer industry, farmers will grow more, nutritious, and marketable crops.

The Approach

CDF Canada and Fertilizer Canada will work in partnership with governments, agricultural input companies, research institutions, and smallholder farmers organized in co-operatives.



Vous pouvez vous engager de plusieurs façons et nous aider à atteindre notre objectif de durabilité mondiale.


Obtenez les dernières nouvelles et mises à jour de l’équipe de Solution 4B.


Manifestez votre soutien à la Solution 4B en signant la déclaration 4B.


Encouragez la viabilité, l’équilibre entre les sexes et la prospérité économique.